Net Zero Carbon Alliance bares framework toward private sector carbon neutrality by 2050

MANILA, Philippines — The Net Zero Carbon Alliance (NZCA), a pioneering multi-sectoral consortium seeking to achieve collective carbon neutrality beginning in the Philippine private sector, has reconvened on its first anniversary and bared its strategic framework toward such a goal. NZCA’s conceptual framework is largely based on the proven approach of renewable energy (RE) leader […]

Be A Net-Zero Entrepreneur: 5 Practical Ways To Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

In our fight against climate change, scientists have advised that we need to reduce our carbon footprint or the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by our activities, either directly or indirectly. We can do this by minimizing travel, consuming less meat, preventing food wastes, shifting to a vegan diet, buying sustainably-sourced products, preferring public transportation, […]