Cemex Philippines Together with Net Zero Carbon Alliance Steer the Industry to Net Zero Carbon

Key CEMEX Executives Lead in Carbon Neutrality Initiatives at the 2nd Net Zero Carbon Alliance Anniversary. Pictured from left to right: Karol Wojtyla Oladive Macaraan, Quality Assurance Superintendent; Bea Angelica Brinas, Sustainability Superintendent; Atty. Christer Gaudiano, Director of Sustainability, ERM, Communications, and Public Affairs; Alejandro John Eraldo, Quality Assurance Manager

Originally published on Scroll.ph

CEMEX Holdings Philippines addresses the pressing challenges of hard-to-abate sectors while offering innovative and actionable insights as it takes the lead as the cement industry’s panel representative at the 2nd anniversary of the Net Zero Carbon Alliance (NZCA) of the Philippines.

The event, themed “Zeroing in on Net Zero: From Corporate Pledges to Action,” was attended by over 200 sustainability leaders from various industries, the academe, and key policymakers. The event also featured a panel of experts from various industries who discussed the challenges and opportunities Philippine corporations faced in their bid towards achieving net-zero emissions.

NZCA is a multisectoral movement initiative committed to helping private Filipino companies align their operations with carbon neutrality goals by 2050, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

At the plenary, CEMEX’s Atty. Christer Gaudiano, Director for Sustainability, ERM, Communications, and Public Affairs, highlighted a strategic roadmap for overcoming critical decarbonization obstacles in the cement industry.

In particular, Gaudiano emphasized that while emerging technologies in cement production, such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), are already underway, its success is hampered by significant cost barriers, including theprice of energy required to power these facilities.

“CEMEX is investing in emerging technologies critical for decarbonizing our operations. Our commitment is matched by our call to governments and organizations to adopt modern industry practices and incentivize the scaling of such technologies that can significantly reduce carbon footprints,” said Gaudiano.

Gaudiano also outlined CEMEX’s multifaceted strategy and current best practices, including adopting alternative fuels, clicker factor reduction, kiln efficiency optimization, use of decarbonated raw materials, and promotion of circular economy.

From 1990 to 2022, CEMEX has achieved a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions generated by its two cement plants in the Philippines. This is the highest carbon emission reduction in the cement industry by far, setting new standards for sustainable business practices and establishing CEMEX’s commitment to Future in Action goals of becoming a net-zero CO2 company.

As a prime mover in the industry, the company promotes sustainable construction materials by transitioning to cement products like Rizal and APO Vertua lines, which provide at least 25% to more than 40% less carbon than Ordinary Portland Cement without compromising their structural efficiency and performance.

“Through our sustainable construction materials and circular economy practices, we’re not just transforming CEMEX; we’re also inviting the entire sector to join us on this critical journey toward a more sustainable future.” 

CEMEX remains on track to meet its carbon neutrality goals for 2030, demonstrating a shared vision with Net Zero Carbon Alliance and other partners to drive the industry toward a carbon-neutral future and transform corporate pledges into sustainable actions.

CEMEX is a global construction materials company that is building a better future through sustainable products and solutions. CEMEX is committed to achieving carbon neutrality through relentless innovation and industry-leading research and development. CEMEX is at the forefront of the circular economy in the construction value chain, and is pioneering ways to increase the use of waste and residues as alternative raw materials and fuels in its operations with the use of new technologies. CEMEX offers cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and urbanization solutions in growing markets around the world, powered by a multinational workforce focused on providing a superior customer experience, enabled by digital technologies. For more information please visit: www.cemexholdingsphilippines.com